Bharatanatyam jewellery set for rent and sales

Bharatanatyam Jewellery Accessories:

bharatanatyam-jewellery-set-for-rent-and-sales at Mibah Collections. We have all Bharatanatyam jewellery accessories you need for dance costumes and makeup of your kids and also available Bridal Sets and Imitation Jewelry for rental and sale basis.

Bharatanatyam jewelry sets are available for rent and sale, making it easier for dancers to complete their attire without having to purchase expensive pieces outright. Many dance schools and studios offer rental services for Bharatanatyam jewelry sets, which can be rented for a specific performance or for an extended period of time.

One of the benefits of renting or buying a Bharatanatyam jewelry set is that it can enhance the overall performance of the dancer. The jewelry is designed to complement the dance and add to the beauty and elegance of the movements. It can also give the dancer a sense of confidence and pride in their attire, which can translate to a better performance on stage.

New Arrivals – Bharatanatyam Jewelry Online Sale

1- Long Necklace
2- Shot Necklace
3- Mathapatti / Headset
4- Kaan Chain
5- Temple Belt
6- Jhumki / Earring
7- Nath / Nose Set
8- Temple Bajuband Set
9- Temple Bangles
10-Temple Juda pin

The headpiece, known as a ‘maang tikka,’ is worn on the forehead and is typically made of gold or silver. It is designed to draw attention to the dancer’s face and accentuate the movements of the eyes and eyebrows.

The earrings, or ‘jhumkas,’ are large, dangling earrings that complement the headpiece and add to the overall elegance of the look.

The necklace, or ‘haar,’ is typically made of multiple strands of gold or silver beads and is designed to highlight the dancer’s neck and chest. It can also be adorned with precious or semi-precious stones to add a touch of sparkle and color.

We provide Bharatanatyam jewellery set for rent and sales

Bharatanatyam jewellery set for rent and sales